Dedicated to Promoting Healthy Eating

Fleur People Corporation

KRISTIN KIM | [email protected]


Healthy Vending Machines Features:

  • Machine dimensions: 77″ tall, 35″ wide, 34″ deep
  • 350 Total Item Capacity – 20 Snack Items & 9 Beverages! The largest selection and capacity of beverages in Healthy Vending
  • The Only Healthy Vending Machine with 9 Unique Beverage Options (136 total drinks) and high capacity 16oz and 12oz Can Dispensers
  • Machines are ADA Compliant (American Disabilities Act) – accessible built-in point-of-sale and food/drink dispensers
  • Cash and Cashless Payment Options including Debit/Credit, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • Machine can be Programmed to vend only certain hours – Great For Schools
  • Infrared Vend Sensing Technology offering the best in delivery assurance
  • Eco Friendly – LED Lighting and EPA Compliant – Uses less than 1/3 the power of a traditional machine.
  • Digital Programmable Thermostat
  • GFCI Compliant Power Cord – The Only Healthy Vending Machine that comes with GFCI Compliant Power Cord (required for Government sites, schools and military bases etc.)
  • NSF Certified (National Safety Foundation)
  • NAMA Certified – Industry Certification

Healthy Vending Machines Are Made In The USA

Infrared Vending Sensors

High Capacity Coils and Trays